8 Aug 2013

Lighthouse Series: Old Pulteney Noss Head

Noss Head, Credit: HJSP82
The Old Pulteney Lighthouse Series is a new set of travel retail only whisky bottlings from Old Pulteney and to start with it's worth giving them credit for the price points; £40, £45, and £55 for 1L bottles. Obviously there's cheaper whisky out there, but it's a nice change to see a reasonably priced travel retail set not aimed at those with corporate accounts and second homes. Still it needs to taste good, so let's get to it!

Noss Head (RRP £40)

46%, un-chillfiltered and with no added colouring, it's a lovely straw colour in the bottle and overall quite a light coloured whisky. You can tell this isn't going to be a sherried dram right away, but that's no bad thing

Nose:- Light citrus, sherbet and buttercream. (I love butter cream).

There's a fair breeze coming from the window that's making it hard to discern more. On the whole it's a very pleasant nose, not overly complex, but not a boring - malt, vanilla, vanilla - nose you get with some basic whisky.

As time progresses I can smell a lovely, yet light, fruitiness.

Taste:- Fizzy lemons, vanilla, faintest hint of orange.. orange bitters?

Finish:- Very much like the nose & initial taste.

A slightly spicy finish quickly recedes to leave a nice lingering sweetness. 


On the whole this is a very nice, gentle and sweet dram. While it comes with no age statement the whisky is not overly harsh to drink. I would definitely consider picking up a bottle of this, £40 for a 1 litre bottle works out at ~£28 for a 70cl which would be a good price for this.

My non-whisky drinking partner actually quite enjoyed nosing and sipping a tiny drop of this whisky, which says something!

Thanks to Alembic Comms for the samples as part of the 14/8 Old Pulteney lighthouse series twitter tasting!

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