30 Jul 2013

Scotch Whisky Auction: Getting a clear idea of the costs

Since it's now impossible to sell Whisky on eBay in the UK there have been a rise in the number and popularity of specialist whisky auction sites, but which one should you use?

Much like the whisky industry as a whole, the second hand market is big business and booming. Whether it's due to the much maligned whisky investors or just people being more likely to go online in search of a bargain or unusual bottling I don't know.

As businesses vie to fill the hole left behind by eBay there are quite a few specialist whisky auction houses out there..The most popular appears to be the 'Scotch Whisky Auctions' based in Glasgow, with a clear website and a massive selection up for grabs every month. Hopefully I'll go through a few of the most popular whisky auction websites that ship to the UK/EU and we can compare them properly at the end of it all.

Got a bottle you want to sell? Just drop it off at their Glasgow shop or post it away and within a month or two you should have your money.. but how much do they charge you for the privilege of selling, or even buying?


Adapted from image by Martyn Jenkins

If I sell a £100 bottle?

£10 commission
£3 listing fee
20% VAT on fees 

Your total: £84.40


If I buy a £100 bottle?

£10 commission
£9 shipping
20% VAT on fees (commission + P&P)

Total cost:  £122.80

It's worth noting each extra bottle is £4 for UK/EU and you can avoid this by collecting from their Glasgow location. If you live elsewhere in the EU remember that the first bottle costs £20 to ship Credit card fees can be more easily avoided by paying by cheque, cash or debit card.

The whisky auction business looks like a fruitful one.. next up will be Whisky Online Auctions, although it looks like their fees are very similar.

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  1. keep going...... mind include www.whiskyauctionsedinburgh.co.uk who offer FREE collection for the seller....