22 Jul 2013

Laphroaig 10 year old...or maybe not the best place to start.

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Last Christmas my girlfriend's mother was kind enough to give us a bottle of Laphroaig 10 year old after our trip to the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh Not that it turned out to be much of an experience as we were running out of time and had to get moving! (Nice shop though.)

Now I've a bit of an admission to make.. I started by putting this wonderful single malt scotch whisky in hot chocolate with marshmallows.. 

As someone to whom spirits meant 'Glens' Vodka (a particularly vile brand of Scottish Vodka) I was not at all accustomed to drinking anything anywhere near 40% alcohol.

So without further wait here are my initial tasting notes:

No nose/palate/finish or sip/smell/swallow.

Phwoarr... Christ. What do I do with this stuff?!

You might laugh or be mortally offended at the idea of using good whisky in hot chocolate, but that's beside the point. Half a bottle later I was tentatively taking my first sips of the Laphroaig straight, ok with a wee dash of water. I don't feel like I wasted half the bottle, if I hadn't of used it that way it would have just have got given away!

Alas my initial bottle is long gone and I've not managed to buy another.

Still from a recent trip for a bar I managed to put together some slightly more errm.. useful tasting notes!
Smell - Smoulding wood and peat fire with a wee hint of salt
Taste - Sweet oaky smoky! 
Finish - Spicy, sweet and ashy. 

It might sound odd, but it's a real experience. Most people love it or hate it and even then most hate it.. Still if you find you enjoy these flavours you'll really be hooked!
Other people talk of TCP and medicinal smells, but I'm too young to know TCP.. so any negative connotations escape me and I can just enjoy the great whisky :)

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