23 Jul 2013

Jura Turas Mara

Nose:- Initially I picked up an unusual musky note, stick your nose right in and amidst the alcohol there's something reminiscent of chocolate ginger biscuits.

The muskiness quickly gave way to a smooth caramel undertone that is punctuate with hints of vanilla and sweetness not unlike that of a bakewell tart!

I think tobacco leaf is hiding in there too, perhaps that's the musky element?

Taste:- Sweet & creamy with the caramel from the noise making a reappearance.

Finish:- Vanilla and a pleasantly slight, but lingering and slightly salty bitterness.

A light and sweet whisky and all in all not a bad whisky for £40 a litre! Got to admit I prefer this to the standard entry level Juras such as Superstition and Origin.

Remember it's only available in airport shops at the moment, but if it's successful then Jura might do a Laphroaig and promote it to the standard range, but who knows?

Thanks to Steve at the @thewhiskywire who organised the tweet tasting that included this lovely whisky.

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